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Your front door is more than just another part of your home. It has to be secure (obviously), but it's also a showpiece-one of the first things a guest at your home will see. That's why it's important to choose the right handleset for it. And, to make sure your front door handles complement their surroundings, we offer a wide variety of designs and finishes-from angular to flowing, classic to contemporary.


Emtek® is dedicated to bringing interesting, well made hardware back into American homes. Until about 1930 there was a proud history of hardware in America. Hundreds of small factories made an enormous variety of creatively designed products. Craftsmen from many disciplines devoted their energies to making locks that provided both function and beauty. Americans are re-discovering the satisfaction that comes from owning well designed products. Emtek® mission is to make it possible for home owners to apply these higher expectations to door locks. We are striving to provide a broad, interesting range of products that consumers can use as elements of decor, not just as a way to latch a door.


At Fusion, we recognize the emotional impact created in a well designed space. That memorable effect is something the building and design community strives for; having even the smallest details mesh, and all finish materials harmonize in color and form. The degree to which this goal of balance and details in interior design is achieved can be the difference between a truly memorable space and an easily forgotten one.


Founded in 1945 Baldwin is universally recognized as one of foremost manufactures of high quality residential hardware in the world. We offer their “Estate”, “Reserve” and “Evolved” lines with a vast array of options to meet any application. Baldwin’s craftsmanship and product warranties are among the best in the industry.